This Practical Workshop Is aimed at anyone who runs and wants to learn how to incorporate Therapeutic Strengthening Exercises into their routine to prevent the most common running injuries.

This workshop will include some of our favourite exercises to “bulletproof” our runners. We will use minimum equipment so your programme can be tailored to perform at home for those who do not have access to a gym. The workshop will be relaxed and friendly with just 8 spaces available to ensure everyone gets detailed teaching and lots of time to ask questions!

You can expect;
- Workshop instructed by Sports Physiotherapist Jennifer Searle MSc.
- Education on why strength training is important for runners.
- A personalised screening programme.
- Detailed teaching of exercises & technique correction.
- Exercise progressions.
- An idea of how many and how often.
- A solid list of new exercises you can add into your programme, at home or in the gym.
- Time for Q & A.

We cater for runners of all abilities, whether you are starting
out or are advanced.
Wear clothes you can move comfortably in as you will be learning the exercises in this practical workshop. Changing facilities are available onsite.

Cost: £24
Duration: 2hrs.

If you are currently injured but would like to attend, please
contact us and we can give you advice and guidance on whether you can still take part.

We look forward to meeting you!