Quay Kinetics Physio is based inside The Quay Climbing Centre in Exeter.

Jennifer has been based there for 6 years and has become a specialist in treating and managing climbing related injuries. The climbers are able to access high quality physiotherapy at short notice. Whether your injury is due to trauma such as a fall, or an overuse injury, Quay Kinetics Physio knows what climbers put their bodies through, and how to get you back to the dizzy heights and crags as quickly as possible!

Common injuries that are treated at the Clinic are Shoulder / Rotator Cuff pain, elbow and finger injuries, tendon problems and low back pain - to name just a few!

Jennifer has also been involved in the Deep Water Solo Climbing events as well as providing evening lectures at The Climbing Centre. Previous topics include: Injury Prevention, Shoulder Pain and Exercise Rehab.

Jennifer can provide physiotherapy on the climbing wall or in the Bouldering Rooms, or indeed, on the Hang Board. She can also work alongside the climbing coaches with you, to help you get the most out of your individual climbing programme. Whatever it takes to get you back to the sport you love!