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Do I need a doctor’s referral?
You do not need to have a GP referral in order to attend Physiotherapy.

How do I make an appointment?
Please fill in the Contact Form to make an appointment or enquiry.

Where are you based?
Please see the Find Us page for directions to the Quay Climbing Centre

What happens when I arrive?
Take a seat in the Workshop Cafe in the Quay Climbing Centre where you can relax and enjoy a coffee before your appointment. We will collect you from the Cafe for your appointment.

What can I expect at my first appointment?
On the initial visit your Physiotherapist will need to perform a thorough assessment. This begins with a talk about the problem and your general health. You will the have a physical assessment which will look into your movements and identify the affected tissues. This helps your Physotherapist make an accurate diagnosis of what the problem is. This will be explained to you at this stage. There is usually time to start the treatment at the first visit.

How long will my appointment last?
Physiotherapy appointments last 30 minutes for both initial assessments and follow-up appointments and cost £40.

How do I pay for my appointment?

Cash, cheque or card are acceptable. Please make cheques payable to Jennifer Searle.

What should I wear to my Physiotherapy appointment?
Suitable clothing and underwear are required to allow the clinician to asses the site of the injury. Ideally, a pair of shorts in the case of lower limb or lumbar spine assessment, and either a tank top or suitable bra to allow the clinician to assess the trunk, shoulder and neck area.

Can a friend or relative accompany me?
Of course, you are welcome to have a friend or family member in the treatment room if this makes you feel more comfortable. Children and babies can also come into the room, although you may find it easier for someone else to look after them so there are no distractions during your session.

Do you have disabled access?
Unfortunately due to the restriction of such a fantastic old building, there is no disabled access to the first floor where the treatment room is situated. There is a flight of stairs at the entrance to the building, to the reception area and to the cafe. Please contact the Clinic if you are concerned about accessing the Clinic.